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Well there you have it – it’s official!

You may remember that way back I reported that a Limerick-based developer had been in talks with Ward Anderson about purchasing the Capitol Cineplex for a retail development, well now it’s public and Mount Kennett Investments (John Costello and Paul O’Brien) are the buyers indeed.

Ward Anderson had been maintaining talks with CCC about seeking planning permission on a redevelopment of the site – which they then would sell with F.P.P. ~ however Mr. Costello’s persistence evidently paid off. Although I was aware that the deal had been struck, I was unaware until last night that planning would be sought so soon. And yes, planning is being sought.

The development is scaled down from original plans by the developer (other developers, 1 other Limerick-based group ~ I may have mentioned much earlier, had very exciting plans for the site, but eventually dropped out of the run). The development will now see the Capitol demolished and redeveloped as a 33,000sq ft department store with 18 overhead apartments (I don’t like the idea of apartments at this location!) . The design is by Sabine Wittman of Dungarvan practice e-Project ~ and quite frankly, the application design is sub-par and undeserving of the superb location. I’m disappointed at the lazy route taken by the developers and design team in the end. The boxy and incoherrent roof-line is ugly and unkempt. It reminds me of the St. Patrick’s Quay frontage of the Metropole Hotel (that horrible lemon box with even uglier roof-top box). Some of the other competing proposals (OCP for the record pulled out of talks in late 2004) had a far greater degree of panache – this is a very poor effort. But I’ll let you decide – I don’t have any clear images of the final design yet, so in fairness to Tommy Barker, well done for getting this image. I should have better images come a couple of weeks.

Also, today is a big decision day for some major Cork projects – fingers crossed for Frinailla and Mary Collins’ projects!

Bargain basement!

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