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Restaurant licences to be deregulated

13 June 2005 15:01
The Minister for Justice has said he has decided to deregulate and liberalise the restaurant business instead of pressing ahead with his proposal to introduce café-bars.

On RTÉ’s News at One programme, Michael McDowell said the compromise proposal for making alcohol and food available together in café-bars would have had to overcome so many difficulties, so he had decided to go the more radical route.

The Taoiseach has denied that the scrapping of Mr McDowell’s café-bar proposal was a ‘slap down’ for the PDs.

Bertie Ahern said that in a democracy different viewpoints were considered before a decision was made and that is what had happened in this case.

Asked if this Government would last until 2007, Mr Ahern said he had spent five years in the previous Dáil saying the Government would last and he hoped that he would not have to do the same again.

Harney denies Cabinet fiction

The Tánaiste, Mary Harney, earlier denied there were tensions in the Cabinet over proposals to create café-bars.

She rejected suggestions that Mr McDowell had climbed down over the issue. Ms Harney told reporters the important thing was to have greater competition and liberalisation.

She was asked about comments on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland programme by PD Senator Tom Morrissey, who said Fianna Fáil had no values.

Ms Harney said this was not her view and that she believed the next election was still two years away.

No new architectural challenge so I guess its back to designing over-priced restaurants

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