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Manstein, I’m not sure if you are trolling or not, but your post sounds rather odd to me. Bear in mind that many immigrants are not “less educated” for a start.

On the broader topic I think McDowell is ill advised to suggest the main outcome of this measure will be less drunkenness. It is clear from ths speedy hostility of the publicans (and their sanctimonious anxiety about alcohol abuse) that their real concern is the impact on prices and profits. Their opposition would normally be enough to cause me to embrace the proposals. Cheaper drink and cheaper soft drinks – yes please.

However, given what Thomond Park said above, and from my limited knowledge of the regs relating to health and safety alnd licensing of kitchens in this country I’m sceptical of how profitable small cafes will be if they have to jump through the existing set of requirements. Most of the Italian cafes McDowell hankers after would surely go bust if they had to conform to the regs applying to Irish hot food venues. I’m sure others have more expertise on this aspect though?

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