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Very true Alonso.

One of the most fraught elements of the Clare St chicane is just how illogical and counter intuitive it is for ALL road users.

General traffic approaching from An Làr has little in the way of assistance in terms of statutory signage or road markings.

In addition the peak-time flows here are faced with serious contention as motorists stranded in the incorrect lane often (understandably) panic as they fear being directed off into the bowels of Pearse St unless they can break free onto the Rock Road corridor.

As a result the Busdriver is faced with a very knife-edge situation where he/she virtually requires a 360 degree collision warning and avoidance system if any SAFE forward momentum is to be maintained.

I use capitals for the term SAFE as current Dublin Bus policy is focusing very directly on the safety aspects of driving.

However I contend that locations such as South Frederick/Lincoln/Clare St are by their very configuration inherently UNSAFE and therefore in need of Immediate rectification before any Safety Policies can be applied.

But,I digress,so to return to the point at hand,I would be in favour of removing the current conflicting car-parking on the approach to the junction and the configuring of a bus-gate style traffic signal similar to The Outbound N11 QBC one at the Burlington which if coupled with a minor realignment of existing traffic lanes,stop-lines and ped crossings would offer a smoother SAFER mathod of exiting the City Centre for thousands of Public Transport users and the occasional VW Golf driver……..:D

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