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And while I`m at it…. :p

Another example of “Interesting” traffic and transport planning is thrown up at the Townsend St/Moss St intersection.

This was once a sleepy backwater of a crossroads,enlivened occasionally by the odd RTA.
However,in recent times,as the Dail Committee on Transport has learned from testimonies by many and various shades of Men in Grey Suits,The Civic Authorities have been pursuing a vigorous policy to move Dublin Bus vehicles from Kerbside space.

To this end the Daìl Committee has learned of the massive improvements consequent upon the Quality Bus Network office`s construction and commissioning of the Pearse St Bus Lane which in turn facilitated Dublin Bus to move most of its Tallaght Bound Bus Termini to it own facility at Ringsend Garage.

All excellent stuff and the Councillors are deservedly pelted with rose petals and fragrant scent as they stroll amongst their citizenry….however…one rather small item which the busy administrators and their Professional Advisors have missed in their deliberations is the situation at….yes you guessed it…..Townsend St/Moss St. 😉

The problem is largely one which has manifested itself since the Tallaght Route migration as up until this only the dear old route 2 & 3 had any business operating in-service towards Raytown.

Then one day in a flash of yellow and blue smoke the In-Service Bus Traffic suddenly trebled or even quadrupled as all Tallaght routes streamed coastwards.

Closer inspection of the Townsend/Moss St junction would have revealed a nasty little contradiction in how the junction functions….(could`nt resist that !!)

Approaching from An Làr we see that the Lucan Corridor routes 25,66 etc which are positioning to return to their outer destinations are required to take the OUTER lane for a RIGHT-Turn into Moss St and thence back to Pearse St-College St.
The statutory Road Markings originally in place were Right-Turn only arrow in outer lane and Straight Ahead arrow in inner lane.
All clear so far ..??

Now class…we come to the conundrum…

Under the “Old” configuration all traffic which had correectly approached to proceed through the junction towards Ringsend then sddenly found itself presented with the occupants of,initially a single Private Car Parking Space and subsequently two more such spaces directly outside Advance Tyres or somesuch commercial entity.

The “New” junction configuration is exactly the same as the old one,with one difference…..the statutory road markings are now absent,after the surface of the junction was treated to an anti-skid surface application..(Wonder why :confused: ) attention down the back please,we now have a situation which features a newly opened Convienence Store on the corner coupled with a vastly increased Service Bus throughput which is then confronted with the very same potential for serious conflict as always existed here simply because the Civic Authorities refuse to surrender 3 Pay and Display Car Park spaces

The abolition of these 3 spaces would immediately make a direct and immeasurably safer route available through the Junction for ALL traffic by allowing such traffic to position correctly well in advance of the actual junction itself,rather than when actually passing through it as currently happens.

I remain unsure if Townsend/Moss St junction even manages a blip on the City Council`s massively powerful Traffic Modelling software,but it SHOULD as it directly controls the efficiency of ALL outward bound services on the Tallaght Corridor and indirectly effects the majority of outbound departures on the Lucan corridor also.

Unfortunately I don`t currently have access to a digital camera so I hope my descriptive powers have managed to convey an accurate picture on a location where our Civic Traffic and Public Transport ship is very much spoil`t for a h`appenyworth of Tar….. 😀

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