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Nice Pics Gav08.
Just whats required to illustrate these and many other similar “Pinch Points”.

My simplistic reasoning revolves around how BASIC many of these problems are.
Yet,it is the essentially simple problems which we tend to leave permanently unaddresed whilst embarking on ever grander projects costing Billions of €.

The actual VERY real benefits which would accrue to ALL citizens from some clear and direct realignment and some new statutory lane-markings would be incredible in comparison to the almost inconsequential cost of such works.

If you get another opportunity Gav08 (Next Paddys Day !) position yourself opposite the Shelbourne Hotel and illustrate DCC`s bizzarre fixation with Imposing less than a dozen highly dangerous nose-to-kerb Pay and Display spaces which serve to mark the effective end of the much vaunted N11 QBC.

If one (like the members of the Dàil Comittee on Transport) listens attentively to the noblemen of DCC and it`s QBN office,we hear much awe inspiring twaddle of a bus-a-minute at peak times.

These fine fellows peddle a notion of a direct,clear,ultra modern high frequency Bus Corridor between Bray and An Làr.(The exact definition of which has been decided by the Advertising Standards Authority as the GPO).
What nobody refers to is the shameful manner in which this flagship Public Transport corridor is bluntly severed by this dozen space Berlin Wall of private cars.

Nor do the Professional bunch even nod in the direction of the dangerous lunacy of compelling the drivers of these one-minute-interval Buses to perform Michael Schumacher style chicane weaving manouveres as they (usually) vainly attempt to align their vehicles with the Bus Stops.

If anybody is tempted to do a photo-montage of this spot,do try to get the statutory lane marking in as well,as the arrangement collapses totally when viewed through the Road Traffic Acts cold filter.(Hint: What does the RTA say about crossing Solid White Lines and Solid Boundary Hatched Traffic Islands)

Try also to do justice to the Spike Milliganesque logic of the placement of the actual Bus Stops….how many buses can a DCC Professional get into a horse trough…..Poor oul Paul Mortons Circle Line really do lose out to the Viking Splash here….as the camera will (hopefully) show….:p

I apologise if I`m labouring this,but at this point in time it seems as if the DCC Establishment” have become totally convinced of their own moral and intellectual superiority in EVERYTHING to the extent that Madcap Lunatic upsidedown Planning is pawned off as acceptable.

It really is tears from a stone material,the simplest of stuff in real terms….Remove the Car Parking.

Realign the Service Bus Stops by moving them Eastwards which would then allow Busdrivers to position far earlier (and Legally) for the hard right hand turn into Dawson St.

Oh well here`s hoping…. 😀

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