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There has never been a building in this garden area and, although the proposed building would be to the north of us and wouldn’t overshadow us as such, it obviously would remove a substantial amount of natural light – probably not much less than if we blocked up the windows completely! In your opinions, do we have a case for a ‘right of light’, should permission be granted?

All comments welcome. If you need any more info, please ask.

Right to light is a legal issue (rights acquired after 20 years of continuous light) – not a planning issue.

However, daylight is a planning issue – insofar as Planning Authorities tend to abide by the so called Littlefair Guidelines. These set out recommendations for day-lighting (and sunlighting – sunlight is not an issue with a north facing facade) and it is likely that the scenario you propose would diminish the daylight to the two windows. This is dependant on the width of the obstruction as well as its height and if I were you I would ask the Planning Authority (or the Board) to seek a daylight analysis from the applicant which addresses your windows. Be aware that bedroom windows are not considered as sensitive as living room/dining/kitchens – but are considered.

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