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Thanks for advice gunter very helpful and appreciated. Not saying that the obsticles are insurmountable but it does appear to me that the odds are stacked against this development. I would imagine that the work involved and direct disruption to my house would mean it would be a whole lot easier if i was on side. Also, i think with the fact that he needs to knock the entire house to gain access and considering the 3 metre rule he would not really have much leeway in terms of keeping part of semi-d and truncating/corner build. I know the 3 metre rule is subjective but i assume it has its limitations?

Also jdivion is right and i had thought of this. But on further exmination this is debatable, as i live on a busy road the semi-d is protecting my from a certain amount of noise pollution. Also the back setting will look a whole lot different with houses overlooking and a lot of green gone for concrete buildings. I personally don’t think the vlaue of house will be increased. also people may be scared away becasue of ‘perceived’ damage as a result of the dividing wall being removed? Also, as i have no intention of moving (ridulous prices and stamp duty is crazy!!) value is really not a factor?

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