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I thought I’d update this thread with some recent observations based on bus journeys along the south quays. It seems that the Top garage has not been closed indefinitely – the place is simply being redeveloped at the moment. I wonder are they installing bio-diesel pumps and electric charging points to future-proof the place? Guinness (or, more precisely, Diageo) have begun clearing space for their new brewing facility so that will be an addition to our city. gunter is right about Heuston South Quarter, the place has gone back to its slumber since the crane has been taken down. I wonder will we ever see the “underground” carpark covered with some office and residential blocks?

There’s also some work going on at the “River Bank” building along the quays. It’s a good sign considering the place has lain vacant for years so it’d be a bonus to see the place filled by something.

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