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Dubber , apart from not liking the guy , I don’t know what you have to complain about . I don’t mean this in a disrespectful or dismissive way . It sounds like the guy next door has what is termed an unauthorized development , where the time limit for enforcement action has expired .

That’s his business not yours ( again no smart ass tone tone implied here ) . It should not affect you in the case of your possible future sale .

Your neighbor may have problems . I know that in the old Dublin Corpo estates that when the council buy back these houses that have 70’s and 80’s non compliant rear extensions and front porches that these extensions are invariably demolished by the corpo before letting . Also ripped out are non compliant windows ( means of escape ) boilers , floor finishes , bathroom alterations etc . I should not be surprised if the value of the buy back is not badly affected by the councils cost s in undoing such unauthorized works .

In the case of destruction by fire you do not have automatic permission to re build unauthorized development .

If the council slaps a compulsory purchase on a property the unauthorized development is discounted from the valuation .

The mortgage provider to whoever is likely to want to buy your neighbors house is unlikely to advance a loan .

The garage roof felt issue you describe does not on the face of it seem very significant .

So , sit back and have some fun if the guy ever goes to sell …..

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