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I should relate the above post, with this piece from Irish Construction magazine’s web site, about PFI. As schools are another form of public building, which are in constant need of work and renovation, like public leisure centres often are. The problem with any of these building types, is that they can be reduced down to the level of a ‘science’, built in rapid sucession according to some prototypical design, and it doesn’t leave a lot of scope for architects to be involved. You can get some idea from the Leisure Centre post above, just how important the scientific side of building is. Funny thing, is how both Herman Hertzberger, from Holland and Carme Pinos from Spain identified the school as an important building type, when they spoke in Dublin to the AAI.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

As the Government’s enthusiasm for Public Private Partnership grows, Ministers will do well to study the experiences of their contemporaries in Britain. The British Government is rolling out an extensive network of education facilities under its Public Finance Initiative (PFI).

However PFI has come under scrutiny for a number of reasons. Because schools are designed and built in batches, there are concerns that standard school layouts cannot meet the unique needs of different communities.

Facilities management issues may also overshadow education provision. As well as this, British architects are critical of the programme’s lack of creative design.

As our spiralling population (five million people predicted for 2020) puts incredible demands on the education system, a quicker roll-out of school buildings is urgently needed here. But is PPP the way forward?

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