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I don’t see specialist certs being supplied by people instead of the architect.

That is a retrograde step.

The correct way to assure purchasers is threefold.

1. Make it mandatory that all buildings must be certified by a competent architect – for this to be a logical follow-on all buildings must have an architect designing them from the start.

2. In order for this certification to be credible, make it mandatory to retain an architect to furnish tender and working drawings and to attend on site during construction for limited inspections and certifications, including interim testing by specialists as required [existing example – cube tests]

3. Make it mandatory that the architect must include all subsidiary and specialist certificates as part of his Schedule A Assurances. We already do this with Structural and Civil Engineers and Fire Safety Specialists. This should be increased to refer to the Safety File, the BER Cert and any Part L related Certs.

Otherwise we’ll end up doing more kow-towing to the H&S brigade, where some people already only offer the archtiects certs as part of the safety file.
This is a nonsense IMO since safety is part of what an architect certifies – his work is not encompassed within it, its the other way round.


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