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St. Mary’s Church, Leap, Co. Cork (1848)

Basically a classical monocameral structure with gothic windows. The western elevation has undergone alterations and had a porch added.

The interior contains nothing of its original sancturay: the present arrangement was installed in the 1950/1960s.

The telltale sign of the previous arrangement which probably had a central High Altar and two flanking votive altars is to be seen in the prominent sacristy door which would originally have been concealed by one of the votive altars.

The church does not have a ceiling. As far as Br. O’Riordan’s oeuvre is concerend, the church is late but his influence is to be seen in its design and ornementation.

Unfortunately, the church grounds have been totally destroyed by the an ugly, unseemly,a nd partly delapidated car-park which gives the church something of the appearance of shed at the far end of a railway yard. Not what you would expect to find in a pictoresque West Cork village. Something should be done about it.

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