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Since documentary evidence linking Brother O’Riordan with any specific building attributed to him is so scarce, I am attaching the following link which gives the inscription cut on a brass plate inserted into the foundation stone of the Ursuline Convent in Blackrock, Cork, which clearly identifies him as its architect:

In a better age, it would have been considered a disgrace for a bishop to fail to hand on to his successor what he himself had received from his predecessor. In fact, the aim was at the very least to retain and to develop what he himself had received at the time of his elevation to the see.

Lo! How the mighty have fallen. In penal times and in eras when the Church struggled financially, Catholics rose to the occasion and built up the Body of Christ with vigour and elan.

Pity the dark age in which the Celtic Tiger roars mightily, but neglects the very soul of Erin. And bishops close churches and seminaries, whilst wreckovating their patrimony, leaving it to wiser and better-educated successors to reverse their irresponsible exploits in liturgical art and architecture.

“‘Tis an ill bird that befouls its own nest!”

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