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Doneraile, Co. Cork (1827)

Michael Augustine O’Riordan built this church in his native parish in 1827. The facade has survived along with much of the original interior fittings. Here the retable is the exception. It was replaced in the late 19th century by the PArish Priest, Stephen Ashlin, an uncle of G.C. Ashlin. Somethig of its original form has been retained in the wall mural.

In his visitation register of 1828, Bishop Michael Collins (1827-31) noted: “The old chapel will soon be abandoned, a new one 130 feet long by 49 broad having been erected, and likely to be soon fit to receive the people. It will be one of the most splendid chapels in the diocese when finished”.

The church has a vast plaster ceiling with some excellent stucco work. Originally lamps depended from the centres of the large roundels. Alas, these have been replaced with a lighting system more commonly encountered in garages.

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