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Praxiteles wrote:
St Patrick’s Church, Fermoy, Co. Cork

This church may also belong to O’Riordan’s oeuvre. It was built in the classical style c. 1817. In 1847 it was extended and its interior and exterior was gothesized by Pugin and Ashlin in 1867.

Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary of 1837 describes this church as follows: “The chapel, a spacious and handsome edifice on an eminence, was erected by subscription, towards which the late Mr. Anderson contributed the site rent-free and &#163]

With the gothicization of Fermoy church by Pugin and Ashlin in 1967 the classical High Alatar of 1818 was removed and re-erected in the parish church of Lisgoold where it remained untl fairly recent times. WHiile descriptions tell us that the central portion of the Altar had a painting of the Criucifixion flamked by pictures of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist, already by 1951, the picture of Our Lady (a copy of Raphael’s Sixtine Madonna) seems to have replaced the crucifixion xcene and that of St. John the Baptist seems to have disappeared completely. Note that the medallions pained in the side recesses of the altar retable are similar, if not identical, to those in the chapel of the Ursuline Convent in Blackrock. Unfortunately, the whole structure was dismantled in the 1980s and has vanished.

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