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Praxiteles has decided to see just how much of Micahel Augustin [O’] Riordan’s oeuvre is extant . So far the results have not been very encouraging.

St. John the Baptist, Kinsale, Co. Cork (c. 1820)

One of his most beauiful (fairly) extant pieces is the church of St. John the Baptist in Kinsale, Co. Cork. It was recently restored and one can see the quality of the advice supplied to the parish. Jack Coughlan and Co. were the conservation architects and have done an excellent job.

Notable features of the church are the glazing bars of the windows which appear to be original (and are very similar to those of the French Church in Cork City). The galleries is also unusual features and a fine monument to a former Parish priest by John Hogan.

Of real interest is the beautiful classical retable of the altar. O’Rirodan seems to specialized in a tripartite serliana retable supported by fluted corinthian columns, and incorporating (usually) three picture, the arch surmounted by a cross. Kinsale is fortunate to have this feature still intact and besutifully restored. Clearly O’Riordan was more than aware of Sebastiano Serlio’s Architettura (1537-1575) which promoted the form which may have originated with Bramante

The plaster ceiling is also quite fine and incorporates a wealth of classical details.

Unfortunately, Praxiteles does not have a photograph of the exterior of the church and would appreciate were anyone able to supply one.

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