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Inigo Jones

The Queen’s Chapel at St. James’ Palace. It combines a domestic exterior with a temple interior. The foundation stone was laid on 23 May 1623 as part of the conditions of the marriage contract of Dauphine of France, Henrietta Maria, to Charles I for the assurance of the free practice of her (Catholic) religion. Jones based the ceiling on the coffered ceiling of the reproduction of the Temple of the Sun and Moon (The Temple of Venus and Rome) in Palladio’s Book IV of the Quattro Libri.

The pediment of the Queen’s Chapel is based on earlier designs by Inigo Jones for the Prince’s lodgings at Newmarket 16-18-19 and demolished under Cromwell.

In his book Palladio and Palladianism Robert Tavernor seem to confuse the serliana altar piece of the East end of the Queen’s chapel with a Venetian window – which he says is “the first time this motof was built in a design by Jones” (p.130). The pictures are (I think) by Caracci.

Has anyone any pictures of the present interior of the Queen’s chapel?

And can anyone confirm for me that the Queen’s chapel has (or had) a retrosacristy?

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