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Yes! This monument was done by Hogan in Rome to commemorate Fr. Justin Foley McNamara (1789-1845), parish priest of Kinsale and a nephew of John Murphy, Bishop of Cork (one of Hogan’s earliest patron’s). It was commissioned in 1846 and made between April and July 1848. It was sent to Ireland on 17 July 1849. I think it was commissioned by Bishop Murphy or else by his other nephew Archdeacon John Murphy (who built Sts Peter and Paul’ in Cork).

There was also a bust of Fr. McNamara in the Convent of Mercy in Kinsale, which had been founded by McNamara’s sister. It was done by Hogan in 1828 while McNamara was in Rome. I have no idea of where that might presently be found as the convent has closed and the building was the sbject of an appeal to An Bord Planneala – its intended destruction, like Cobh Cathedral, advocated by Brian McCutcheon. Fortunately, that attempt also failed.

Justin McNamara died on 31 December 1845 at Gibralter on his way to Rome. The significance of the upturned mitre suggests that he had been named a bishop – possibly of Cloyne and Ross.

P.S.: Hogan also did the monument for Bishop Michael Collins in the Pro-Cathedral in Skibbereen.

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