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On Samuel Forde’s Altar piece for the Cathedral of Skibbereen, presently in St. Barrahane’s in Castlehaven:

“In November 1827, Samuel Forde painted an important triptych altarpiece, The Crucifixion, for a church in Skibbereen. [W. G. Strickland, Vol. I, p. 374] Forde’s biographer recounts the circumstances whereby a noted Cork painter of rather indifferent miniatures, ‘Mr. B-‘, who enjoyed the patronage of the local Catholic clergy, was called upon to decorate a new chapel in Skibbereen. “He who very indifferently covered a few inches of ivory with stippling, was required to cover ten feet of canvas.” [Anon: “Memoir of Samuel Forde”, DUM, Vol. XXV, March 1845, p. 353] Forde asked to carry out the commission. (This altarpiece in now in Castlehaven church, an elegant classical edifice of this period.) [The altarpiece was cleaned and restored in the early 1970’s, at the instigation of Davis and Mary Coakley”.

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