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Thanks to ET, Praxiteles is able to post te following pictures of Guido Reni’s picture of the crucifixion in San Lorenzo in Lucina. The picture was painted between 1639-1642 for the Marchesa Cristina Duglioli Angelelli who bequethed it to San Lorenzo. (The Marchesa is buried in front of the High Altar). As Reni died on 18 August 1642, this picture must be counted among his very last works. A copy attributed to him is in the Szepmuveszeti Museum in Budapest

Theologically, the picture is significant in that the wide outstretched arms denote the universal salvific effect of Christ’s death on the Cross as opposed to the more vertical arms common in paintings in Flanders, e.g. by Rubens and Van Dyck, which were influenced by contemporary Jansenism with its near Calvinist emphasis on the salvation of the elect :

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