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And then we have Thomas Moore, hiding away in the foliage of his plane-infested island on College Street. In a way, his earlier weathered, gritty appearance had its own charm as an urban curiousity: little-noticed and tucked in the shadows with thousands of people passing at his feet. But the newly restored state has breathed fresh life into what was a rather tired looking monument.

Sculpted by Christopher Moore in the 1850s, it’s a typically wooden mid-Victorian monument atop an equally lifeless heavy granite base. Nonetheless, I think the restoration has revealed some charming detail that gives it a better press as it were. The transformation on condition and patina alone is remarkable.


Again before and after below. The cleaning has brought a renewed depth of character and expression to the statue, particularly the face. There’s no changing that mechanical stance though!
It really was in an appalling condition.

A remarkable difference.

And unlike Grattan and Foley’s other work, this statue has a wonderful seaweed-green glow to it in direct sunlight.

The plinth has also been cleaned. Granite tends not to be that impressive when freshened up – indeed it’s almost nicer dirty. The dark patches at the corners of the steps seem to be where the timber posts of the hoarding were standing. Presumably they’ll come back to them. Nonetheless they give an idea as to the change in appearance.

Notably not all pollution was removed. Either it was decided only to use a mild abrasive, or the soiling was too tough too remove without damaging the stone. In this before and after picture, the white box just notes one example of stubborn dirt remaining, You can see much more evident examples to the top and left, and very noticably on the earlier picture above.

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