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brighton barry

Im left slightly confused by this post, this bridge you are reffering to is quite blatently a Pier and I fail to see where you are going with this disscussion. For you to mock one of the greatest examples of Victorian seaside architechture is not only tasteless but downright offensive.

Rumour has it that when the consortium that built Le Tunnel found out about the earlier attempt to cross the channel , they hired some professional arsonists to torch the biggest threat to their investment. Altough this was not proved in a recent court case, a spokesperson for the tunnel firm reitterated “we stand by our previous statement that we did not have any involvment in the West Pier incident, even though we believe the pier was a threat to our business. We would not codone or be involved in such acts of vandalism and wish the Pier company all the best in there rebuilding program”.

Chris Eubank who has fought for a number of years to get the Pier rebuilt was angry that no one had been brought to justice over the fire ” the situations is ridiculous, all thes peoples of Brightons want a directs crossing to frances, i will be donatings my personals finances to the projects in the hopes that this pioneerings projects gets backs off the grounds”

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