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@henno wrote:

imagine the furure from ferry companies, taking the current shannon situation as a yardstick…

Funny you should say that henno, this was in last Saturday’s Irish Times:

Irish Times wrote:
High-speed Limerick-London rail link should be considered

The fallout from Aer Lingus’s decision to terminate its Shannon-Heathrow service illustrates the central role of international transport connections in Irish economic and social life, writes Tony Kinsella

Ireland desperately needs a comprehensive, integrated transport policy. An informed national debate on our options is a prerequisite.

As an island, we need both sea and air transport links. Almost half of last year’s 21 million passenger journeys from Dublin airport were to UK destinations.

We have either hit, or are about to hit, what industry specialists call the “peak oil” moment, when half the planet’s oil will have been extracted. Dr M King Hubbert (who correctly predicted the 1970 peak in US domestic oil production) foresaw the global oil peak for 1996, while others suggest it is currently taking place. The International Energy Agency believes it could begin to happen from 2017]

Got to say, with a risk of being in a minority of one, I’m all in favour of pursuing the Dubllin – UK high-speed rail tunnel link. Apart from anything else, it seems to me that Dublin would be the most logical start point as, thru bad strategic planning, we have already ended up with a Dublin-centric radial transport network – so any other location at this stage would be pointless.

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