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@alan d wrote:

to be fair, in some parts “ireland is an island, let’s keep it that way” does indicate an internationalist perspective. Visions also of Morlan twisting the tips of his lightly waxed, handlebar moustache with
“How dare you label me with those words”.

ctesiphon…very good, made me laugh.


The last thing I want is bad feelings between members on these forums.

I was very disappointed by Johnfp’s comments when I read them. I found his comments to be very backward and anti-British to be honest.

Unfortunately, you misunderstood my original comment and decided to cast the same judgment upon myself as being “self centred, insular, regressive”, etc. You completely misunderstood me and I was annoyed by that.

Johnfp’s detailed comment may have deserved such an attack, but my comment did not. On reflection, I should have been more clear in my original post, but I still believe that you wrongfully lashed out at me – It was uncalled for.

I moved to Edinburgh for two years in 2003 purposefully to experience Scotland’s culture and traditions. I worked in Glasgow for 6 months and travelled to the Highlands for 1 month to try and understand Scotland’s culture in it’s entirety. I am telling you this because I don’t want you to think that I am “insular” or “parochial”, Alan, you completely misunderstood me. I’d appreciate if you would retract those statements about me.

Anyway, all the best, Alan, and I hope that there are no bad feelings between us.

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