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The Dodson case is notorious alright – quite the Priory Hall of its day, though even then still likely to be more fireproof.

I hadn’t seen the extended version of the Bricklayer’s Hall before – you couldn’t make this stuff up.

At least it’s somewhat comforting that standards started to slip a long time before now. A once marvellously stocial, austere mausoleum-like facade confidently slotted into the streetscape, completely butchered by a cack-handed, lop-sided add-on by Bob the Builder’s great-grandfather. The new rustication running straight into the original serene ashlar of the upper floor is bad enough, but to course it as randomly as ashlar just takes the biscuit. And what was the original cornice not getting right to warrant such a clunky deviation? As for the mini-Wyatt window alongside the original – talk about asking for a visual fisty-cuffs, never mind the random toothy gawk of a cornice tacked above as icing on the cake. Who are these guys, and where can I subcribe to their newsletter? The poor aul balustrade got a whack too. Probably recycled for the new decking out the back.

The original building is very much in the style of Frederick Darley, though the balustrade is a bit much for his chaste manner. Architect Isaac Farrell is another name of this era that springs to mind. I imagine it was originally built with a large, square top-lit hall on the first floor, before the building was extended later in the nineteenth century with a new access door to the side and a long narrow passage leading down to a vast new hall added on the back as suggested by the aerial view.

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