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@GrahamH wrote:

I’m not completely sure what either of you are talking about! If you refer to colourwash lostexpectation (as in a dye that changed the colur of the bricks), this was rarely, if ever, applied to my knowledge at construction stage. Rather this was sometimes applied many years later to spruce up the appearance of sullied brick.

As Peter says, stopping mortar was only used to conceal the irregularity of handmade bricks. Wigging refers to the Irish alternative where thin bands of stopping mortar were applied over white mortar or putty.

I’m still not sure if that answers the questions!

I was confused initially, but I think the question was, essentially, Why use wigging when tuck pointing is obviously better?

@GrahamH wrote:

11.30 am – 1.00 pm
Dr. Gerard Lynch
Repointing Historic Brick
Raking and Filling

Is this the bit where you stand at the gates of Drimnagh Castle with a picture of the Capel Street house in one hand and a Down With This Sort Of Thing placard in the other? 🙂

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