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At last! A convincing case! (though I’d be interested to see other parts of the facade also). I (almost) concede to this being the first likely instance of original red mortar application over yellow brick yet uncovered. Even then I’m somewhat wary, going by the sheet glass windows above the NI Tourist Board, and the dark appearance of its wider facade. It could yet prove to be a later alteration.

In any event, I’d be pleased if this did prove to be an authentic example of red mortar application dating from the time of construction. At least we will know that it did happen. Either way, we have still proven beyond doubt that this was categorically not standard practice. If even 5 per cent of yellow brick buildings were treated in this way, I’d be surprised.

A modest yellow brick terrace on Synge Street. What in the name of…

More bizarre anchovy paste application of Enid Blyton proportions.

Woeful stuff.

The George Bernard Shaw house across the road wasn’t treated much better (blue door), though at least it has mellowed somewhat.

The first house is an example of red wash application (hard to know if it’s later or not). In this case, the joints were simply roughly stuffed with white mortar and then square brick shapes painted over each brick and surrounding excess jointing mortar, presumably using a form of Venetian Red.

This would appear to be a variant of the Irish ‘bastard tuck’, the only difference being the use of Venetian Red wash rather than more substantial red mortar.

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