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That is absolutely, unquestionably not the case . . . the Victorian veneer exposed for the sham that it is at attic level – the red colouring having simply been washed off. The ‘red mortar’ you refer to, as far as I can see, is simply the original yellow mortar with aborbed Venetian red wash . . . all it needs is an array of prissy Victorian nets to complete the po-faced aspirant ensemble.

Solid 1820s? block on Nassau Street, constructed in your favourite yellow stock brick, very fashionable you might say!

They were a busy lot Graham, your . . high wire Venetian-red Victorian veneer washers! . . . here they are again wantonly targeting no. 16 (the Northern Ireland Tourist Board shop) and no. 17 (Lapis Chocolate Café).:)

Very devious of them to always destroy all evidence of the ”original” yellow mortar;)

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