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Fight fire with fire!

Okay you’ve definitely got us on the Gardiner Street houses.

It was a presumption partially based on the completion of the Custom House in 1791. I doubt they’re much later than 1820, having looked at them closely, but am open to correction on that. The economy of their detailing relative to their contemporaries on Fitzwilliam Street raises a smile.

Yes tuck-pointing was used on the principal facades of the vast majority of Georgian buildings. Contrary to popular belief, however, it was not a ‘prestige’ detail, used only on prized buildings and the houses of the extremely wealthy, as is often remarked. It was a device used out of necessity on all buildings above that of artisan level. Guaged brick was virtually unheard of in Dublin, as was pretty much the same in London I imagine, and was more associated with the Continent. Thus, tuck-pointing was a British Isles solution to a British Isles problem (with Irish, or ‘bastard’ tuck-pointing a variation on that again, of which more in due course).

However yellow brick as far as I’m concerned was a deliberate architectural choice, not considered a compromise, and most certainly not pointed over in red mortar. This was a later trend of the Victorians, and we all know the dangers of blindly following the trends of a society which considered the Ha’penny Bridge a blight on the city. I do concede that the harsh economic climate of post-1800 probably fuelled the popularity of the use of yellow brick in the completion of the large residential estates.

A typical Gardiner Street house of c. 1810-20 😉

Tuck-pointing still clinging on at this late stage.

The harsh effects of battering elements on exposed upper storeys. Yikes.

And Darley’s very attractive little number beside the railway bridge. It mellowed so well, as do most yellow brick buildings.

A number of parallels with the earlier Clontarf terrace.

And for what it’s worth, just to show that the Clontarf development also did picturesque in addition to austerity, here’s its cutsey gate lodge behind the yellow brick gate piers.

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