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Therefore, as mentioned earlier, it is a great shame to see this practice still being conducted on virgin yellow brick facades, which are already extremely limited in number in Dublin, and even moreso given how much is being executed according to the personal tastes of bricklayers and their clients, rather than in line with historical precedent. Given how much confusion there is on this website alone, one absolutely dreads to think what it is like inside Dublin City Council. There is a dire lack awareness of historic brickwork in Dublin, the resultant manifestations of which are infecting countless streetscapes.

Some examples.

A recently completed group of yellow brick houses in a yellow brick terrace on Fitzwilliam Street.

What on earth is that colour supposed to be?

A pink colouring of a yellow brick house on Upper Mount Street. Yes the neighbouring house has faint fragments of a later colourwash, but that sets a precedent for this?!


A recently applied salmon scheme a little further up.

A bizarre concoction of Henrietta Street apartment block proportions on Baggot Street.

What a mess.

Another unnecessarily garish job on a yellow brick house on Upper Mount Street.

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