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These are some examples from within a short section of streetscape on both Lower Baggot St. and around the corner on Fitzwilliam Street (dating from about 1810 -1820). They are are all houses built of the same mottled yellow brick! The difference in appearance where the original red mortar (used in an Irish tuck-pointing detail) has survived, is startling.

Where the red mortar hasn’t survived, the brickwork (in some cases we’re looking at the same brick appearing on both sides of a property division) gives little clue that the yellow stock brick wasn’t the intended finish.

If there was ‘a change of fashion’ around this time involving the choice to express facades in yellow brickwork, what’s going on here?

I hope you’re not suggesting that the good people of the Fitzwilliam Estate were not keeping up with fashion 🙂

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