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the development was refused for technical reasons relating to flooding defence work, which are underway anyway. Therefore they can submit the exact same application and get it granted. It will go ahead. And the Greens should be supporting the intensification of land use on public transit corridors such as here, and the consolidation of development into pre-exisitng towns, If Wicklow Greens want a fight, look at the North Bray Lans USe and Transportation Study, the rampant sprawl proposed in Fassaroe and Old Connaught and the insiduous manner in which transport infrastructure is determined by developers rather than the people.

this is not a perfect development, especially the road layout, but strategically it;s good. The vital element is the linkage between it and the Main Street. Bray is becoming derelict and it needs a massive investment. Next up, travel north and rebuild Dun Laoghaire, which is suffering the same fate

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