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@PVC King wrote:

The Helifax shopfront next door is darker yet you have no comment on that one; you need to stop digging.

I cannot see any halifax shopfront in the picture, so maybe you could dig it out and post it and even if there was one there, why would I want to comment as it was not the topic, the topic was the MCD shopfront, you are hell bent on talking about everything else other than the topic.

@PVC King wrote:

Not at those rental levels; name one food business at ground floor on Grafton St, Henry St or Patrick St in Cork other than MCD, Burger King or Starbucks that is not owner occupied. The small local businesses you refer to can’t pay the rent; it might work in Ballaghadreen or Trowbridge but it doesn’t in Bath.

I will be in galway this week and I will take a picture of a few for you, then maybe you might have a bite to eat there.

@PVC wrote:

Retail pods in industrial estates don’t do Class A office cladding; stop digging.

e- galzing windows have outstripped all other glazing in both the commercial and domestic sector, that info is direct from the source, one of Irelands biggest glazing manufacturers. And again we are not on about industrial estates, we were discussing streets with significant architecture. You should start digging in the right direction.

@PVC wrote:

No I drew that fact from years of experience dealing with prime retailers and refusing consent for inapproriate signage.

I am sorry, but with the greatest of respect, that does not make you an authority on global planning departments

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