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@Paul cuddy wrote:

You cannot be serious, I respect that effort has been made, they have toned down the aluminous visual impact and the dark olive would be sympathetic in another environment, but not here.

The purpose of the planning code is to impose design standards not engage in snobery; they have complied with the spirit of the development plan so if they pay the asking rent they have as much right to be there as anyone else.

@Paul cuddy wrote:

There is too much glass,

You will never be a retail planner.

@Paul cuddy wrote:

plastic bins outside (with a logo),

Crap bins a great example of different parts of a council imposing seperate objectives without communication; this should have been a S106 levy and the local authority should have provided the bins with MCD’s cash.

@Paul cuddy wrote:

posters in the window (I know these can be removed, but restrictions on advertising in certain sensitive areas should be imposed).

Agreed – should see enforcement to stop creep but this for most retailers is restrained.

@Paul cuddy wrote:

Planning permission for this type of outlet should never be granted on a street of that character.

So they should be kicked off the Champs Elysee as well then? A successful retail mix dictates that a range of products and price points are required to keep a town centre healthy. MCD sells good coffee and decent cakes at highly discounted prices; it is not just a case of snobbery being innapropriate it is a case of ensuring that a global value brand gives less affluent tourists a spot to have a cheap snack without having to go the usual 3-4 streets off prime to get it.

@Paul cuddy wrote:

Mc donalds and all fast food outlets belong in industrial estates accessed off major roundabouts, they are not for the high street. Any building that uses its shop front as an ever evolving advertising portal does not belong in an area of architectural significance.

That is a lazy cop out; you work with people to get them to fit your rules; MCD have unlike Burger King bent their model to fit they deserve that to be recognised. If they apply for a 1980’s style shopfront then their application should be refused but as they have spent the money on a decent shopfront and fit out they should be welcomed as the one global titan that plays the game.

@Paul cuddy wrote:

This attempt to make it sympathetic is on a parallel with their attempt to go healthy with their salad dinners swamped in fattening sauces.

Where have you been for the last 10 years?

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