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@Verity wrote:

Besides the necessity of seeking planning permission for any buiilding on a boundary wall, does anyone know what other building regulations if any would apply to such a dwelling?

I’m talking about a wall forming a boundary between two neighbours, a garage was built on this boundary wall, and this has now been converted to a dwelling. .. Planning permission wasn’t sought, and as events have turned out, the building neighbour has now been put in the position of having to seek permission for retention…

In a nutshell, what I really want to know is, can I attach a building to a joint boundary wall without my neighbour’s agreement, and if I get retention permission for this, can I enter my neighbour’s property to maintain the wall on my neighbour’s side without his permission. – does the granting of permission give me rights of maintenance over what is my house wall, in other words?
Thanks for any replies.

Eh no. You’d never have rights of access to his property without his permission.

You can build along the boundary wall but your actually much better off just building a new wall which is adjacent to the present boundary wall – this avoids any legal issues which might arise over your new structure affecting the existing. If you look at extensions in the AAI awards you can see how some of them have been built in the space between the existing rear garden walls.

Why not just go in and chat amiably about this. You should be able to agree something and just keep each other in the loop about whats happening. Its all about communication like. I’m sure ye can agree something.

P.s. This is just my personal opinion – don’t take this as any kind of professional advice! 😀 Good Luck!

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