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Thank you, onq. I do not want to build myself, but was telling the situation from my neighbour’s point of view – he is the one who has built on the boundary. He has been refused retention permission and has resubmitted a new application for the very same building under his daughter’s name.
As I see it, in the unlikely event that he does get planning permission this time round, we will have to go to An Bord Pleanala, or we could just take him to court to get him to remove the building, since I gather from the advice above that it is an issue of trespass. The neighbour has built a faulty building (the council described it already as ‘substandard’), and was complaining last week when firewood was unloaded in the gable area of the building, and knowing this man we feel that he could well look for compensation from us if activities in our garden affected his building, particularly since from his earlier planning permission, the building appears to be built on a soakpit and his daughter said our unloading wood “shook the whole building”.
He has pointed out to us that we will not live forever, but we do not want to leave a heap of trouble for our family who will probably continue to live here, and for this reason, we need to get things settled now. We have no desire to build any structure ourselves, and if we ever do, we will go the right way about it and seek planning permission first. Sometimes it seems in Ireland that planning laws are there to be skirted, rather than complied with.

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