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“It isn’t that bad and is a damn site better than it used to be.Jaysus just cuz it doesn’t have a mochafrapucciono joint every 20 yards doesn’t make it a “dump” of a street.Sometimes pple need to watch their language on this forum and be aware they end up sounding really petty and mean minded”

Agreed. Sorry 😮 What I should say is street life and pedestrians are poorly catered for on the street which is traffic choked most of the time (by its nature). The public domain is ver poor with poor quality paving, lighting etc. There are no trees. Shopfronts are generally of poor quality and there have been some dodgy additions to the street over the past year. What it does have is a very bustling commercial life whihc should be retained and enhanced by a little bit of tlc from the City Council (hence the new trees, paving and lighting at Binns Bridge). Not a dump maybe but certainly not what the pirmary northside route into the city should be. And I would offer the same for North Strand/Amiens Street as well (my route in)

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