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Alek Smart

Yes mad as a sack of nutty-slack…I too am a Nortsider from not too far away and my suggestion is for a Bus/Rail Interchange which will allow far greater cross-pollination between the Rail an Road commuter while bringing some new footfalls into the area around the station.
The Station itself could be a new focal point for the place for the spending of a relatively small amount of Euro.
The aerial pics of the quadrangle formed by DrumCondra Rd,St Annes Road,Whitworth Road and St Patricks road show that presently it is largely utilized as Pay n Display Car parking with some resedential car Parking thrown in for good measure.
My vision is for the present Railway Embakment or “Grassy Knoll” to be removed and a Bus Stance incorporated into the Station Proper…….Hey…If we can erect a Spire where once a Pillar stood supreme we should be able to make better use of a Grassy Knoll……!!!

Try this link for a better view of the area and the general thrust of proceedings.

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