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@Cute Panda wrote:

Just further proof that the Green lobby is made up of nothing but 100% knee jerk, feel superficially good, but ultimately self-defeating platitudes and crackpot schemes.

Add this too:

Rush to bio fuels to ‘save they earth’ leading to worldwide food shortages and possible famine.

that was result of clietnist dems and repubs, and farmers, no green said yeah sure, clear virgin forest for biofuels,no green said, make growing food less economic…

anti-Poolbeg Incinerator because well ‘Bali-Jet Set’ Gormley is as clueless as Ryan

it was world conference where else would you have the conference?

I need a metro, not a free bike and Walkers Crisp billboard.[/QUOTE]

the greens and councillors like lacey denying there’s any problem with this is dispicable though. this is where the greens are ordered about by corporataions.

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