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iisn’t it amazing how cambells have brought the same cack-handedness to this as they brought to running the cafe in the first place, a ton a bad publicity, everyone on their backs over their plans for westmoreland street and grafton st going to stay a cafe after all. idiots.

And they even have adverts on this page, in fairness to Campbells they did signal in February 2004 that there were problems in the business, they also had the decency to allow a decent period for a new operator to take over the business. The grafton St situation really shows that it is necessary to really cause a fuss to get anything saved in this country.

Westmoreland St has some fatal flaws that may render the entire application defeated such as toying with the Fleet Room which is arguably Dublins best Edwardian interior and looking for yet another watering hole in an area that is deficient in diversity of use as it is.

I think the Times were well informed as of January but nothing has to my knowledge been signed yet, as many architects have experienced many leasehold assignments can fall out of bed after the eleventh hour. So when it is signed I will celebrate but not a second before. Good luck to all concerned there are millions of euros left in the Bewleys gig for all concerned if handled correctly

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