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@Rory W wrote:

So what do you make of the news that the owneers of CafeBarDeli aree in negotiations to run a wine bar and restaurant in the Grafton St branch (with a Bewleys shop at the front)?

I am quite a fan of Jay Bourkes previous work particularly The Market Bar which has sailed through a number of very well considered planning applications and Oddessa restaurant. From what I understand the property is solely being marketed (privately) as a cafe with Campbells retaining the critical Zone A space and frontage, this would create some difficulty for any potential occupier who wished to re-brand the premises.

Speaking personally but second-guessing some of the more influential BOSCA committee members the principal concern that they would have is that they wouldn’t be able to enter the cafe and have a cup of coffee without purchasing other items from the main restaurant menu.

My own view of a potential solution to the impasse on access/signage would be that Campbells would allow Bourke or any other potential occupier to re-brand the cafe Bewley’s Cafe Bar Deli or Bewley’s Willow Tea Rooms as appropriate and that the use of the name could be used on any of the other former Bewley’s (limited to Mary St, South Great Georges St & Westmoreland St) premises but no other property save for the consent of the Campbell group or successors in title (intellectual property). The remaining intellectual property of the Bewley’s brand would remain with the Campbell Group. The new occupier would then be permitted to change the shop level signage subject to planning consent. Thinking about it without a cafe in the back Campbells are unlikely to able to acheive premium prices for Coffee/Tea & souveniers.

I am encouraged that at least three serious parties are in the race nearly 2 months after ‘Bewley’s closed for the last time’

Having said all the above it is necessary for me to clarify that what is written above is not coming from BOSCA but is my own view.

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