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@Diaspora wrote:

FX Kelly is to close their excellent store on Grafton St,

I am going to go in tomorrow to get details but I have to say that I am very unhappy to see this occur, my own impression was the FX Kelly’s was the third longest surviving business (in the same shop) on Grafton St after Weirs and Bewleys. It really gives resonance to Hugh Markey’s (Director of retail at Lisney) comments that rental levels are starting to hurt the diversity of retail uses on the street.

There are five new news items on the campaign have held two very successful meetings so far this January and I will be posting details of a save bewleys event very soon tickets will be priced at 10 euro and include music, poetry and a cheese and wine reception.

FX Kelly have obviously fallen victim to the BT effect, where you can buy the same stuff for the same price and get your €2000 Paul Smith socks at the same time

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