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@Diaspora wrote:

This is not just any other kip but is according to the Council of Europe one of the finest cafes in Europe (1990) that is before the extremely poorly executed revamp. The save Bewleys campaign have never called for the cafe to be simply re-opened and operated by Campbells, the important interior will require work to ‘Restore it’ to the standard that prompted the Council of Europe to make such an unequivical statment of fact.

You cannot judge Bewleys on what has been seen over the past year or so.

I hardly think that an award – being judged by few and, therefore, inherently subjective, can be an “unequivical statment of fact” but we quibble over terms. I look forward to receiving your daily coffee updates when Insomnia take it over (Sunday Tribune). Shame Starbucks aren’t interested – they could have spiced the place up with some good ole razzamatazz.

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