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@burge_eye wrote:

It might be made up, it might be ripped off, it might be polemic, blah blah blah doesn’t list Bewleys under cafes doesn’t list it doesn’t list it
the official northern ireland site doesnt even mention the south!

The reference has been removed from the online versions because it is no longer open, The online version of Lonely Planet doesn’t list Hotels, Hostels, Restaurants or Transport Links. Why? Because no-one would buy the books. The other websites are continually updated and the Northern Site doesn’t list Southern attractions because they are in direct competition for the ‘Weekend Break’ segment of the market.

They did however feel strongly enough to send a spokesman to the Crown Liquor Salon to comment which is a clear indication of their ‘Concern about the closure’

@burge_eye wrote:

My point, however polemic, is simple. How many of the bleeding hearts on this page were through the doors of Bewleys in the last 6 months? If it reopens, how many of the same will have been in it 6 months later? There’s a very dangerous precedent being set here whereby any old kip that becomes financially unviable but has any link to the good old days will be clamouring for political and media support to get it back on its feet. How many other cafe retailers will want to take it over with a bewleys sign over their doors?

This is not just any other kip but is according to the Council of Europe one of the finest cafes in Europe (1990) that is before the extremely poorly executed revamp. The save Bewleys campaign have never called for the cafe to be simply re-opened and operated by Campbells, the important interior will require work to ‘Restore it’ to the standard that prompted the Council of Europe to make such an unequivical statment of fact.

@burge_eye wrote:

We also see on this site the bemoaning of grafton street becoming a Uk high street. That’s progress I’m afraid no matter how galling. The Crown isn’t even in the middle of Belfast as such but people still go to it, search it out. Maybe Bewleys needs to relocate to a cheaper more atmospheric part of Dublin in keeping with its supposed reputation. Use it as a regeneration tool if it’s so great. A Diaspora of latte?

I have no problem with the Globalisation of Dublin shopping trends and I generally compare quality and price in my purchasing decisions, I couldn’t care less if a clothes retailer has their HQ in Ulan Bator. What I do have a problem with is the closure of an iconic cultural institution, the landmark that most people regard as the centre of the Street. It is regarded as the landmark because most have entered the premises and enjoyed the product on offer.

You cannot judge Bewleys on what has been seen over the past year or so.

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