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@burge_eye wrote:

what a laughable campaign this is. In 100 years perhaps we’ll have a “save mcdonalds” campaign. After all, they’re on grafton street and serve a pile of crap so why not? Since when was anything on grafton street a tourist attraction?

Nostalgia: A device that removes the ruts and potholes from memory lane.

Keep the stained glass, lose the crap coffee

Burge Eye,

The head of the Belfast tourist authority was quoted on todays lunchtime RTE 1 TV news as saying that Bewleys is an important tourist attraction for the entire Island.

The Crown Bar was shown in all its glory and virtually everyone interviewed drew strong comparison between both The Crown Liquor Salon and Bewleys Oriental Cafe.

What is the source for your definition of nostalgia? It strikes me as being entirely polemical or even made up.

Dublin deserves Bewleys serving the latest food trends and a selection of the pre campbell classic Bewley menus.

Dublin needs Bewleys a lot more than Bewleys needs Dublin, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Coffee division out sourced to Bucharest, with the unique Dublin branding retained.

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