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An interesting point on the site is made about the economic contribution it offers to the city centre – Grafton St doesn’t particularly rely on Bewley’s but one would assume that Westmoreland St does to quite a large degree.
If you think of the hole created with the absence of the café on this street, you might well ask is there any hope left for this thoroughfare – Westmoreland St without a familar institution, that’s a big people-puller is not a pleasant thought. Hopefully the cafe will be maintained in some form in the hotel.

I was in Grafton St at 12.30 – there’s crowd control at the doors, goodness knows what it’s like at lunchtime.
There’s a fantastic atmosphere inside – a staff member was singing Molly Malone and nearly brought the house down at the end. The place is packed to the rafters with well-wishers and souvenir hunters – one woman asked a waitress to hunt out a cup for her to bring home, she came back with a cardboard one 🙂 I had to make do with a couple of sugar sticks. It’s so funny in the shop area at the front, there are aul ones literally raiding the place for bags of coffee and tins etc. The shelves will be empty by this evening.
It was so full inside I had to stand on the stairs to eat, and balance my coffee on a shelf – so watch out, there’s muffin crumbs all over the floor…
And best of all the staff were incredibly good-natured – another Bewley’s first for Dublin.

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