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Thomond Park, the save bewleys cafe campaign will be there on Tuesday with many of the same elements as those you would have seen last Wednesday. We will have new speakers and a more contemporary music feel, our object is that when the RTE footage goes onto reeling in the years in the future that it will say Bewleys has closed for its second time before entering a phase under a third and hopefully this time a very different management team.

As a group we are only getting organised so you can expect to hear more rather than less over the coming weeks and months. Thanks for your support

It is amazing that so many people have written Bewleys off, Campbells were about the only people not making money out of their cafes, when you consider the slice of the premium the original cafe added to the ambience of Grafton St, what it has done for the tourist industry etc

The trick must be to recreate something of the Bewleys that existed prior to the makeover

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