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The front of Bewley’s has indeed been changed significantly, the shop counter on the right has been taken out and replaced by a very tasteful smaller counter that sells a large variety of specialist coffees from the Bewleys range and there is also a range of coffees roasted on the premises by a very attractive roaster which sits in the window.

The counter on the left has been moved back significantly and is in use as a coffee bar, the effect of both has been to eliminate much of the clutter that previously existed.

The staircase on the the left of the main room has been removed and the one to the mezzanine has changed position, the effect has been to open up the room very well.

The doors to Johnstons Court have re-opened providing additional access which will be of benefit to smokers and should prevent crowds gathering to the front of the shop.

The works have not been completed as yet but if it continues as they have been going it will be the top spot in no time.

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