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@StephenC wrote:

I think that the Save B Campaign has probably been moderately sucessful in at least getting the issue raised and forcing parties to properly consider what to do with the premises, even if it hasnt been successful in keeping Bewleys open.

I totally disagree, Bewleys ‘closed for the last time on November 30th’ there was even ca nationwide special on its ‘demise’ at that time property supplements were descibing ‘Bewleys as the greatest retail opportunity for years on Grafton St’

I do believe that in the context of a bookshop being the desired outcome on this site around the time the save bewleys campaign commenced that those involved can say job well done. Grafton St still has a building with the name Bewleys on the front that allows you to have a cup of coffee in a timeless atmosphere without the compulsion to buy a meal. What more could you want if you wanted Bewleys preserved?

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